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I help Highly Sensitive People overcome their overwhelm so that they can enjoy emotional freedom and focus on creating the life they truly desire with confidence and clarity.

  • I believe being Highly Sensitive is a GIFT!

  • I believe that each of us has great worth and value.

  • I believe that we can use our gift to heal the world.

  • I believe that presence and focus can connect us to the infinite resources of our inner being.  

  • And I believe that loving and accepting every part of ourselves creates a life beyond our wildest dreams! 

"When I overcame the name-calling, self-doubt, and exhaustion of taking on everyone else's emotions I was finally able to stand confidently in my truth and unconditionally accept myself as I am. That was the moment my greatest pain became my greatest gift. This is my wish for you."

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Yoga at Home


Inspiring Internal Harmony Amidst External Chaos

Carrieann helps sensitive people get over their overwhelm through individual and group coaching. Through a 4 step proprietary process that brings anxiety and stress on a 10 point scale from 10 to 2 in 20 minutes, she helps her clients unlock and release emotional blocks that are keeping them stuck in patterns of defeat. By strengthening their inner resources they feel comfortable and capable in the world so that they can achieve their goals. Inspired with confidence and resilience they connect to their purpose, create fulfilling relationships, and reach greater financial success.

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Carrieann has spent her life in dedication to serving others. She has worked in human services for over 25 years. A Transformation Coach for Adults and a Teen Wisdom Life Coach she has coached many to recreate, realign, and thrive. And she's recreated her life many times as well. She is built for this time. Let her guide you to discovering your purpose in the new world that awaits.







Individual and Group Coaching. I work to map a plan from where you are to where you want to be.

PLATNUM Coaching Package - 1 YEAR

GOLD Coaching Package - 6 MONTHS

SILVER Coaching Package - 3 MONTHS

Contact for Detailed Program, Rates & Availability 

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From brief topic talks to keynote addresses, I craft talks specific to your needs with your group in mind. Topics include: 

  • DeVice Your Life - Take the Bad Habit Out of Your Screen Time

  • Safety on Campus - How Substance Use Leads to Sexual Assualt and How to Stop It

  • Your Attention is Gold - Connecting to Your Power & Creating the Life of Your Dreams

  • And more - just ask!

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I bring people together. This gift has been a part of my makeup since I can remember. From Intergenerational Dinners to Intercultural Events to Women's Gatherings, I love my community and work to build bridges among people and communities.


Mountains in Fog


10 Tips To Weather COVID In Your Relationship


32 Daily Affirmations





201 Main Street, Carbondale, CO 81623



  • FREE Emotional Superhero Challenge
    Mon, Feb 01
    FB Live at The Uplift Collective
    Feb 01, 12:00 PM MST – Feb 05, 12:45 PM MST
    FB Live at The Uplift Collective
    A challenge for sensitive people to shed emotional baggage and step into the new fresh, free and clear! 2020 was hard for everyone but especially for sensitives! You may feel overwhelmed, misunderstood, and stretched too thin. Join us and discover a path to turn your burden into your greatest gift!
  • Digital Pause - A Digital Detox Retreat
    Sun, Dec 06
    Intro on Zoom, Activities Outside & Within
    Dec 06, 2020, 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM MST
    Intro on Zoom, Activities Outside & Within
    Before the holidays take over take a few hours for yourself to pause. Rest, restore, take a break from your screens and reconnect to nature & YOU!
  • Releasing Excess & Reconnecting to Our Essential Nature
    Wed, Sep 30
    Sep 30, 2020, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM MDT
    "TOO MUCH" - that seems to be the description of 2020. There's a lot weighing on us right now and we may be reaching for things to numb out. Pause to reconnect to the vitality & wisdom of our inner being & let go of excess. *Kick Off Event for Sober October* - A month of Life Affirming Connectedness
  • Uplift Collective
    Thu, Apr 16
    Apr 16, 2020, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
    Women's Speaker Series -Women coming together to nurture and uplift during this uncertain time.

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201 Main Street, Carbondale, CO 81623

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